Gareca Flies to Moscow to be at Draw For Group Stage (VIDEO)


The FPF delegation flew with him to Moscow. The draw will take place this Friday.

There are only a few days left to know the fate of the Peruvian team in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Many simulations have already taken place. One carried out by Mr.Chip left Peru in the same group with Germany which is the current world champion. The real draw will take place this Friday in Russia so the Peruvian delegation, with Ricardo Gareca at the head, left for Moscow.

Gareca arrived at Jorge Chávez airport with Néstor Bonillo, physical trainer of the Peruvian team, and Antonio García Pye, manager of the team. Fans and media tried to speak with Gareca but “The Tiger” did not say much.

Among the simulations for possible groups where Peru would be in the group stage, FOX, which also placed Peru in a group with Germany

Peru will play in a World Cup again after 36 years, and there are many expectations for the team to reach the Group of Sixteen. Néstor Bonillo stated, “We want the best for the team, a good hotel, a good gym and everything they need. First, we’ll look at a place in Moscow, we think is best for short trips.”


Are you excited about the draw?

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