What Gareca Has to Say About Peru’s qualification in World Cup (VIDEO)


During an interview on FOX Sports Gareca shared his thoughts regarding the main purpose of Peru in the World Cup.

Everyone admires the work done by Gareca with the Peruvian team. The FPF is looking to renew his contract before the World Cup begins. The Argentinian coach, who has now received offers to coach in Europe says that he will not leave Latin America and highlighted that Peru has treated him excellently.

During the interview, “The Tiger” Gareca stated that it is important to keep their feet on the ground and concentrate on qualifying for the round of sixteen. He also highlighted that it is important not to underestimate Argentina, which had trouble qualifying.

In other interviews, Gareca has stated that it would be convenient to avoid Germany, which is the current champion and one of the teams that sent an invitation for a practice match with the Peruvian team. Perhaps prophetically, in a draw simulated by FOX Sports, Peru was selected to the same group with Germany.

It is worth mentioning that this will be the first time Gareca goes to a World Cup since was never able to go when he was a player.

Which other 3 teams do you think will be part of the Peruvian team’s group?

(Source: Aris Sandrea)
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