Get Rewarded With Discounts From Recycling In Peru!


The Chilean recycling company Ecoven decided to enter the Peruvian market offering rewards to people who decide to recycle cans, bottles and plastic caps.

According to La República, there is a low recycling rate in Peru, which motivated Ecoven to initiate operations in the country.

“The Chilean company is promoting this recycling culture using technological tools and implementing an innovative business model. They created machines that are very similar to a soft drink dispenser, which provide free consumption vouchers or food every time you deposit bottles or other plastic products”, the aforementioned media explained.

After inserting bottles, plastic caps or aluminum cans, the dispenser will grant points that you can exchange on their app for various products.

To date, only two machines have been placed in Lima, one located in Real Plaza del Centro Cívico and the other in Real Plaza de Primavera. Likewise, the brand expects that in the short term more brands will join its business model to offer discounts in exchange for recycling.

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