Loreto: Government includes Mayuriaga community in emergency plan


Petroperú president Germán Velásquez announced that the Loreto community of Mayuriaga has been declared in emergency and will be included in the emergency plan directed toward those affected by the February oil spill.

This occurred shortly after members of the community released hostages belonging to Petroperú, Ministry of Energy and Mines and OEFA.

They were demanding to be included in the plan in order to receive aid since the oil spill leaked into their river, destroying their water and food supplies.

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“The community of Mayuriaga was not included in the supreme decree that declared in emergency 16 of the 20 communities that make up Morona district, this omission has been corrected by the Regional Government of Loreto and the addition has been published,” said the Petroperú president according to _Peru21_.

On Monday, Mayuriaga tribe took a helicopter hostage to demand their inclusion in the supreme decree. A day later they released the helicopter’s 8 passengers since they had signed an agreement with the Petroperú president.

Two oil spills have caused more than 2,000 barrels of oil to flood the Amazon. The first oil spill occurred more one month ago in the Imaza district of the Amazonas on Jan. 25, at kilometer 441 of the Northern Peru Pipeline. While the second occurred on Feb. 3 at kilometer 206 of the same pipeline in Loreto.



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