Grau y Bolognesi Monument In Tacna Is The New Cultural Heritage Of The Nation


Peru has a new site officially declared Cultural Heritage Of The Nation. It’s the Grau y Bolognesi Monument In Tacna, named this week by the Ministry of Culture.

The title is part of the celebration of the 89th anniversary of the Reincorporation of Tacna to Peru. The memorial place was built in honor of Admiral Miguel Grau and Colonel Francisco Bolognesi. In the ceremony, regional and local government received the ordinance from Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture, Luis Felipe Villacorta.

Villacorta also delivered the resolution that declares the historic site of the battle called “Battle Stage of the Alto de la Alianza” as part of Cultural Heritage Of The Nation. The place is also is located in the district, province and department of Tacna.

“This is an important date of special satisfaction for the Ministry of Culture, because we are contributing, in a significant way, to the recovery of the monumental and historical heritage of the city and the region”, he said.

The cultural center “Basadre House” has been reopened. Recently, the place was part of a refreshment and maintenance plan. New lights and objects for two exhibition rooms are also available for visitors now.

Peruvian President, Martín Vizcarra, Vicepresident Mercedes Aráoz and other representatives were part of the celebration. They accompanied the people of Tacna in the solemn parade of the National Flag.

(Cover Photo Hiveminer)

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