Green spaces added in the heart of San Isidro


The district of San Isidro announced that more than 1,000 square meters of public space on the Avenida Las Begonias, in the financial center of San Isidro, were renovated for the use of residents and visitors who work and pass through this area of the city.

For this purpose more than 60 unused parking spots were removed between Av. Juan de Arona and Dean Valdivia Street.

This recovery of public space will also have a regenerative effect across the entire neighborhood, improving the environment and safety of the area,” explained the mayor, Manuel Velarde.

Velarde added that this urban project is the first step taken to remodel this street, in order to enable it to be used to organize various outdoor activities and cultural events.

The completion of the new underground parking structure under Av. Rivera Navarrete has led to the redistribution of the open surface in various streets that surround it.

The trial run for the use of this structure ended yesterday; users now will have to pay per minute for its use.
The district announced more than 1,000 square meters of public space on the Av. Las Begonias was added after the completion of the parking structure.