Guinness Records Confirms Peruvian Alpaca Wool as Finest in the World

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

Alpaca wool from Peru’s southern region of Puno is the most finely threaded in the world, and Guinness Records makes it official.

This past week, Guinness Records confirmed that Peruvian alpaca wool from the altiplano of Puno is the finest fiber in the world at only 13.1 micrometers.

These record-breaking threads come from the wool of the Huacaya and Suri species of alpaca, Andina informs.

According to El Comercio, the certification took place at a livestock fair in which alpaca breeders also had a chance to display their products made with this cherished alpaca wool.

Alpacas may be a very cliché symbol for Peru but their status as a cultural icon is deserved; they are incredibly important to Peru’s environment and economy. They provide work opportunity for Peruvians in places where opportunity is hard to come by.

Yes, they are adorable, but they must also be given a great deal of respect. This new world record is just one more reason why.



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