Health Minister Threatens to Resign if PPK is Ousted


Pedro Pablo Kuczynski says there are no grounds for him being vacated.

The Minister of Health, Abel Salinas, joined other ministers who have communicated their intentions to resign their positions in case president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) is vacated by permanent moral incapacity, as is claimed by the opposition in Congress, according to information from El Comercio.

Salinas said that he doesn’t believe the Parliament will reach the 87 necessary votes to remove the President from office, and if it were to happen, “he would leave his position”, wrote El Comercio yesterday.

“We have been summoned by president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and naturally, if the vacancy issue proceeds, we have nothing to do. This is very clear, I have no doubt”, he said on Canal N.

Salinas also added that he must stay loyal to PPK because he asked him to serve the country.

Last week, president Kuczynski said that he will not be resigning from office. He published on his Twitter account that there are no grounds for his ouster, and urged Congress to work with the government in the interests of the country.

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