Heavy Machinery Sold Online Totals More Than US $ 7million


The  2017 figure represents an increase of 5% from 2016.

According to Superbid, a company specialized in asset sales, online auctions this year were greater than US $ 7 million due to the auctions of second-hand machinery by large construction companies.

In recent years, with the popularization of online auctions, these are becoming an important contact facilitator between large construction companies, medium and small in the same sector. It is worth mentioning that online sales are important in many other areas of the economy, Falabella and Ripley are great examples of this.

The most in-demand machines by companies include front loaders, crawler tractors, excavators, motor graders, rollers and dump trucks of various brands. For 2018, Superbid projects a 10% growth in the sale of heavy machinery. This may be triggered by renovation and construction plans for this coming year. Another influencing factor that may be the 15% increase in the construction sector reflected in the latest statistics by Scotiabank.

The executive stressed that interested users can participate in the auction from anywhere, since almost any part of the purchase process, as well as communication and coordination, is done via the Internet. Superbid is also present in Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Do you think heavy machinery sales done online will keep increasing?

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