Hola Soy Germán to salute Peru in person


Peru and Chile share a well known rivalry that extends beyond serious historical moments, and into seemingly less important arguments such as the true origin of pisco.

Comedy, however, seems to unite us all.

Hola Soy Germán, a Youtube sensation from Chile with fans all around the world, recently asked loyal Twitter followers which country he should visit.

Using the hashtag #GermanaPeru, Peruvian fans took over the social media website, proving their desire for a personal visit from the sporadic web star.

Born Germán Garmendia, the 23-year old speed-talker received many other requests from citizens of varying countries around the world, using similar hashtag tactics.

_An English sub-titled Germán video (Video: Youtube)_

Although Germán has the second most subscribed Youtube channel with 19 million subscribers (Wikipedia), some criticize his lack of taste and even ethics. Yet in 2014, he managed to be voted Icon of the Year at the MTV Millennial Awards.

What do you think readers, do you enjoy Hola Soy Germán?Fans’ pleading of the Chilean star to visit Peru may be fruitful after all.