Holy Potatoes! (VIDEO)

(Photo: Verónica Isabel Calvo Niño)

Chef Vicky Ratnani is totally stoked by Peru’s more than 4,000 potato varieties.

In this video, Chef Vicky Ratnani travels to Peru, which he immediately dubs “the land of potatoes.”

He isn’t kidding. Peru is the place of origin for the tuber that changed the world. In many countries we think of the potato as a boring brown-white lump that’s always the same, but Peru boasts at least 3000, some say 4000 varieties!

However, this Chef Vicky Ratnani is truly enthusiastic. He marvels at how “trippy and psychedelic” the olluco varieties are while imaging the “fabulous, multiculor rainbow potatoes on my plate” that are sure to come.

Follow him as he browses the local market in this video from Chef Vicky Ratnani’s official Youtube Channel. Check it out for another video on Peru’s national drink, pisco!

Don’t forget about Latin America’s most important Gastronomic Fair coming soon to Lima for its 10th year! We’re talking about Mistura, of couse.



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