Hong Kong shows interest in Peruvian goods


Hong Kong’s top entrepreneurs have expressed their interest in trading and buying a varied range of products from Peru’s non-traditional and fishery sectors, Lima’s Chamber of Commerce announced Tuesday.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) Executive Director, Raymond Yip, stated that businessmen from China’s top commercial hub have a great ‘appetite’ for purchasing Peruvian products such as asparagus, organic coffee, fresh grapes, maca, squid and shrimps.

In that sense, the chief of the financial entity calls for suppliers and the entrepreneurial segment from the South American nation to travel to Hong Kong for finding out about the trade needs of his counterparts and setting up successful businesses.

Delivering a keynote speech at a business roundtable organized by the CCL in this vibrant Asian metropolis, Yip stressed that Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading markets and the main supplier of products for large-scale chain stores and distributors worldwide.

The trade mission carried out by Peru’s largest private business guild ran under the theme “Hong Kong: his strategic partner in Asia” and brought together high-profile executives from top boards of 18 Hong Kong firms who were seeking business opportunities with their Peruvian counterparts.

According to data released by HKTDC, Peruvian exports to Hong Kong posted a top-line growth of 84 percent in the first half of 2014, thus surging to a record level of US$ 88 million, which is US$ 2 million higher than the amount recorded in the same period last year.Lima´s Chamber of Commerce reports the commercial city is eager to import Peruvian products