The House of Butterflies: a Tourist and Ecological Place Near Iquitos (VIDEO)

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Specialist says that in Peru there are at least 5 thousand species of the more than 25 thousand butterfly species that are found in the world.

Peru is known to have a lot of different animal species. Spreading the beauty of butterflies and protecting them through education is the task to which Austrian Gudrun Sperrer has dedicated almost 20 years at “Pilpintuwasi”, the “House of Butterflies”, a place in the heart of the Amazon which stays true to its name.

“Pilpintuwasi” is located in the town of Padre Cocha, near the city of Iquitos and the confluence of the Nanay River with the mighty Amazon, a place entirely dedicated to the protection of nature.  Many of the species living here, however, are threatened by “ignorance” of humans.

Sperrer, a butterfly breeder and self-taught biologist came to Peru 35 years ago, and has spent most of that time dedicated to his passion of butterfly raising.“Butterflies all over the world are at risk because people ignore their life cycles and their habitat. People do not know that each species of butterfly only lays eggs in one specific type of plant,” Sperrer explained to Efe.

Calculations estimate that in Peru there are between 5,000 and 6,000 different species of butterflies, of the more than 25,000 that are on the planet.

An excellent plan to solve this situation is to explain the life cycle of butterflies at schools. The most important thing right now is to expand the knowledge about these animals and protect them from prejudices that put them in danger.

“We must remove the fears of people who think caterpillars are poisonous and teach that a caterpillar is a future butterfly. They are not aggressive and the vast majority are not toxic,” said Sperrer.

Do you like butterflies? Would you like to visit the house of butterflies?

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