How dangerous is it to be ‘green’ in Peru?


Despite Peru’s eagerness to play host to the upcoming global climate change event, COP 20, the country has committed quite a few environmental fouls, most of which register as more than minor slip-ups.

According to a study performed by the NGO Global Witness, Peru ranks as the fourth most dangerous country in the world for environmentalists. The report points to the death of 57 ecologists that occurred in the Andean nation between 2002 and 2014.

The study noted that more than half of the crimes committed against environmentalists occurred in the last four years. Recently Peru appears to have taken steps towards in an environmentally-friendly direction, as in a joint signing with Norway to protect the nation from deforestation. However, liberalizing land-use rights for mining and logging companies seem to only contradict apparent advancements.

Of recent note, four members of the Asháninka tribe, of the Amazon region, were slain while attempting to cross the Peru-Brazil border. Illegal loggers, who set up grounds throughout the Amazon yet seem to go unnoticed by authorities, were believed to be the culprits.

Complaints that the nation’s government does little to protect indigenous groups from such activity increased as furor over the murders erupted.

In a ranking where first is definitely the worst, the most dangerous country was Brazil, followed by Honduras and the Philippines. The COP 20 host country is the fourth most dangerous in the world for eco-activists.