How To Bargain In Peru With The Vagabrothers [Video]


If you’re new to bargaining for your souvenirs, the well-traveled Vagabrothers have a few tips for you on how to bargain in Peru effectively and respectfully.

Bargaining is a part of Peruvian, and Latin American, culture. There are few shopping experiences where bargaining isn’t used, especially in the markets of Cusco, Peru.

In this video, the Vagabrothers challenge each other to see who can bargain their way to the best souvenirs on a budget. What they learn in the process about the art of bargaining in Peru are tips every traveler can apply.

Watch and learn from the Vagabrothers how to bargain in Peru.


Looking for more tips on how to bargain in Peru, check out our article on “How to Successfully Barter in Cuzco Markets.”

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