Huaraz: Climber’s family to come to Peru


Since the search for the remaining climbers has proved unsuccessful and dangerous, one of the climber’s relatives has informed they will be traveling to Huaraz, according to “El Comercio”:http://elcomercio.pe/peru/ancash/montanistas-desaparecidos-nevado-familiares-iran-huaraz-noticia-1818003?ref=portada_home.

On Sunday four foreign tourists went missing after a bridge collapsed and covered them, simultaneously causing an avalanche. One, “Annemai Maerson”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-tocllaraju-one-climber-found-alive-after-avalanche-in-huaraz-106571, was rescued on Monday, however, the three others Tarmo Riga and his wife Jane Riga, and a Allan Valge remain missing.

The Association of Mountain Guides of Peru (AGMP), (accronym in Spanish) sent an official note to the remaining climbers’ families to inform them of the dangers and the procedures involved in continuing the search for the three climbers.

The director of AGMP, Alfredo Quintana told El Comercio that they received a response from the father and the brother of Jane Riga. They informed that they will be coming to Peru in about two days. They did not make it clear whether or not they want to continue the rescue operation.

“Now the family members are coming, we are going to define that. I said nothing more but that I will help pick them up at the airport and then transfer them to Huaraz,” said the director.

The two other climbers’ family members have not yet responded.

The climbers were hiking over an ice bridge located near the Tocllaraju in Huaraz located 5,900 meters above sea level when it broke “on Sunday”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-four-foreigners-disappeared-in-tocllaraju-of-huaraz-106560.



Hillary moved to Peru in August of 2014 to learn Spanish, live with her family, and pursue writing. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca, Hillary earned her B.A. in Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley. Since moving to Peru she drinks fermented potato and coca concoctions daily and is enjoying learning about the abundant and natural andean foods of the country. Hillary hopes one day to become an investigative journalist. You can follow her blog.