Huawei Displaces Samsung and Apple as the Major Smart Phone Brand


According to a report from the Customs Superintendency, Huawei is now at the top of its category with 23% market share.

Technology can be considered the new passion in Peru, one of the most innovative options preferred by Peruvian families are the Smart TVs, technology is also present in studies and investigations as well. However, right now it is time to talk about smartphones. 

The Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei managed to reach the first place in the value of equipment imported to Peru, according to the Superintendency of Customs announcement. In this way, this brand surpassed the supremacy that Samsung maintained in the last five years.

Until the first week of October and according to figures provided on the page of the Customs Superintendence, Huawei has climbed positions and now occupies the top of its category with 23% market share. In this way, Huawei displaced on the podium two of the most renowned companies: Samsung, with 21%, and Apple, with 15%.

Yang Yue, Director of Terminals of Huawei Peru, highlighted the achievement of the firm: “We truly appreciate the trust and support we receive from customers and partners, and that is why they are the reason we started. We continue to work hard to make things better, not only in terms of technological advances but also to generate a warmer experience,” he said.

It should be noted that in terms of imported FOB values, Samsung had a solid location, being first in the last five years.

What do you prefer? Samsung, Apple or Huawei? 

Source La Republica

Photo by La Republica

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