Hundreds of foreigners deported from Peru in past weeks


According to Peru’s Interior Minister, Daniel Urresti, 200 foreigners have been deported from Peru in the last three weeks. This comes after the Migration department of Peru decided to speed up expulsion protocols, reducing them from eight months to twenty-four hours.

Urresti made it a point to clarify that Peru invites and promotes tourism, however will not condone abuse of tourist visas.

We must not confuse the tourist who complies with the laws with those who come to commit crimes or just come and do not meet the standard, and in that case we have the right to expel,” the minister clarified.

While Urresti offered that some criminals use Peru as a stepping stone to arrive to their eventual destination of Brazil or Bolivia, recent cases show Peru as the country of interest.

In the now infamous case of Trujillo whereby 7 tons of cocaine had been discovered by Peru’s police department, five Mexicans linked to the event had forged work visas.

In August 2014, the same month as the aforementioned incident, a group of Chinese businessmen had arrived to Peru only to form illegal transactions with local maca farmers.
Such is the consequence, states the Interior Minister, for those who don’t comply with laws.