IMF Is Optimistic About Economic Growth In Peru


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) decreased its forecast growth of the world economy but is optimistic about Peru.

According to information from El Comercio, “contrary to what was expected six months ago, the outlook for the world economy looks increasingly uncertain, while commercial, geopolitical and risk tensions escalate over the economic policy pursued by the United States”.

The forecast for growth went from 3.9% to 3,7%. However, in Peru’s case, the national production would grow at the rate of 4.1% this and next year, and around 4% by 2023.

“Several of the risks […] are more pronounced or have partially materialized, such as increasing trade barriers and the reversal of capital flows to emerging market economies with weaker fundamentals and greater political risk,” said the IMP report, cited by El Comercio.

In addition, the IMF considers Peru as the third most dynamic economy in the region behind Bolivia (4.3%) and Paraguay (4.4%), and the fastest growing in the Pacific Alliance.

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