In case you missed it… The Awards Edition


Peruvian won big in the South American Beach Games Surfing Championship. And let’s not forget the launch of the 2012 Dakar Rally, which will be racing through Peru in January.

Peru is winning! (And, thankfully, not in the tiger-blood-and-goddess-laden Charlie Sheen fashion.) So for our news review this week, I’ve decided to give out awards to notable stories. 

And the award goes to…

analysis of the Calle 13 vs. Peru debacle 

Peru’s Taxi Tales 

Can a Fairtrade gold mine save Peru?

Most drool-inducing break to mining coverage: Best declaration of defeat: The Shining Path’s leader admits the group has been defeated   (this piece of news is also taking home the award for "Most likely to allow you to exhale after 31 years")


Peru has received a lot of buzz this week, so we decided to give out awards.