In search of the most romantic restaurants in Lima


Low lighting, intimate and cozy atmosphere, candles, and maybe even flowers on the table. There is only a week left until the day of the lovers, and those of you who are old hands at celebrating Valentine’s Day will know that now is the time to make decisions and reserve your table, because going round and round the city at the last minute can kill the romance of this special day.

What factors do you have to consider? As well as a calm and seductive atmosphere, there are other elements at least as important that often get forgotten. First, the dishes; stimulating the palate is the prelude to a night of perfect love. Second, the service, that will guarantee that the evening is enjoyable and without external interferences. Third, the closing times (you wouldn’t want to finish up your dessert under the impatient glares of the waiters now, would you?)

And, as the idea of romance isn’t the same for everyone, here we give you a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the best place for you and your loved one.

*The type of restaurant*
If your partner likes a relaxed atmosphere, opt for a classic Italian dinner or a more simple, but beautiful restaurant. Going to the most elegant place isn’t always the best plan.

Take the time to check out social networks and read reviews of restaurants if you’re going to go to a place you don’t know. Sometimes, a friend’s recommendation isn’t enough to go on.

If you’re the type that likes to go the most fashionable places, abstain this time. Romance is a thing for two, so it’s best to go to a less well known place so you don’t have to run into the world and his wife. There’s nothing that kills the romantic vibe quite as cleanly as having to make polite conversation with lots of well meaning acquaintances.

Now that you know everything that you need to keep in mind when finding the perfect spot for your tête-à-tête, tell us, what is the most romantic restaurant or restobar in Lima? We’ll use your suggestions to make a guide.

Please, comment below, or email us at editor@peruthisweek.com with your suggestions.With Valentine’s Day just days away, we give you some tips to help you choose the ideal place.