Inclusive Tourism Will Be Promoted In 9 Protected Natural Areas Of Peru


The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp) will promote this year accessible and inclusive tourism in nine protected natural areas in Peru.

“These are the Paracas National Reserve, Tambopata, Lachay and Guaneras Islands and Points System (Punta Coles, Ballestas Islands and Palomino Islets), the Huascarán National Parks, Tingo María and Yanachaga Chemillén, the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary and the National Mejía Lakes.

Promoting accessible and inclusive tourism for all Peruvians in protected natural areas is one of the main goals of Sernanp.

As part of the implementation of this initiative, the Paracas National Reserve, located in the Ica region, was visited by representatives of “Sin Frenos”, a private organization that promotes accessible tourism alternatives for people with different abilities or some type of disability, El Comercio explained.

Piero Pascual, promoter of Sin Frenos, along with specialists from Sernanp, toured the various attractions of the reserve from its Interpretation Center to the tourist lookouts. According to him, the Paracas National Reserve already has the necessary conditions and facilities for people with disabilities to access, such as ramps for the use of wheelchairs.

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