Increase in Peruvians with health insurance


Peru is showing great growth not just in tourism and commerce, but within the area of public health as well. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics, over 70 percent of women and over 66 percent of men within Peru have health insurance. These numbers, taken from the second quarter of 2014, show an increase of 3.1 and 4.0 percentage points for the respective sexes in comparison to the same time period of 2013.

Peruvian women are more likely to have insurance, whether they live in rural or urban areas of the country, however the difference is not drastic. For every one hundred women in the nation´s rural areas, 80 are health insured compared to the ratio of 76 out of 100 men who have such Access. Urban areas have a slightly lower proportion, counting 67 per 100 women and 63 per 100 men who have health insurance.

According to the same report, nearly 40% of women and 34.4 % of men have the Integral Health Insurance (SIS), while the Social Health Insurance ( EsSalud ) covers 24.4 % of women and 25.3% males.

Towards the end of August, the government proposed a 2015 national budget worth US$ 46.15 billion with much of it geared towards the education and health sectors. Many national programs have already recieved funding. A US$391 million funding to the organization Juntos was made in order to reach 800,000 families around the counrty, providing access to basic services such as education and health.
Statistics show that health insurance is becoming more accesible around the country.