Indie Folk Band Looking to Conquer Europe (VIDEO)


This indie folk band has 4 songs in the Peruvian top 10 on Spotify.

Only one year ago “We the Lion” was a completely unknown band, now they have sold 5 thousand copies of their first album”Violet”, their Facebook fan page has over 100,000.

Alonso Briceño the lead singer and guitar player was a full-time architect before becoming a full-time singer for the band. Luis Buckley who plays the ukelele and the bass used to be a trader in a bank and Paul Schabauer, the other guitar player used to work as a manager for a 3D printing company.

But for three years, at the end of the day, the three friends decided to invest their savings in hiring a producer, lock themselves in a recording studio and make the record they wanted to make since they were children. The result was Violet, an album that remained unpublished until one of its songs appeared as the musical background of a Movistar commercial. Then they became an impressive success.

The band is now planning to film a video of the emblematic song “Found Love”. For July, they will perform at 7 different places in Spain and they are also looking to play in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. They are looking to become international with these plans.

Have you ever listened to We the Lion?

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