Indigenous Protesters Take Over Oil Facilities in Loreto

(Photo: Servindi/Facebook)

Amazonian indigenous leaders demand that Peru’s government abide by community consultation laws before renewing Frontera Energy contract.

It wasn’t long ago that UN Human Rights Representatives ordered the Peruvian government to halt further contracts on lot 192.  They stated that before moving forward, past oil pollution must be cleaned up and communities must be consulted.

The indigenous communities living above Peru’s largest oil fields are not waiting for the government to comply.  They have seized a number of facilities, including oil drums, in order to send a message.

“If the government says it’ll carry out prior consultation, we’ll automatically end the protest,” one of the protest leaders told Reuters.

The leader cites a 2011 law that requires the Peruvian government to consult indigenous communities before moving forward with projects that could affect them, VOA news informs.

Frontera Energy, the operator of the lot, is currently negotiating a new contract as their current deal expires this month.  They claim to welcome community involvement but say only the Peruvian government can legally negotiate with communities.

If this is true, the government’s commitment to protecting indigenous communities is being seriously called into question.

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