Justice and rights of indigineous peoples


The past few months have brought news reports that tell of mistreatment to indigenous peoples and, in turn, many from around Peru have voiced their opinion that not enough action is being taken to protect these groups.

This week, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia have joined to discuss the matters at hand. According to Peru´s Ministry of Culture, the aim of the gathering is “to promote opportunities for contact and consultation between the State and civil society on the rights of indigenous peoples and the implementation of public policies for development”.

Entitled “Development, Public Policies and Rights of Indigenous People,” the general public is encouraged to go and take part in discussions concerning the justice and rights for indigenous groups as well as the challenges of conserving such cultures in a modern world.

The event is also to mark the Month of Indigenous Peoples, as it was declared last August 5th.

The event begins August 26th and continues until August 27th, at the Nasca Hall of the Ministry of Culture in Lima. Admission is free.Peru plays host to a timely two-day discussion that kicks off today.



A U.S. native plucked from the green surroundings of her home state of Oregon, Agnes Rivera has been living in Lima, Peru, fulfilling various occupations such as teaching, translating, and journalism. While indoors she uses her time creatively to build "recycled art" and read fiction, she is quick to use any excuse to be outdoors, balancing her inner home-body lifestyle with an adventurous spirit to explore all that Peru has to offer.