InPeru: Promoting foreign investment, beginning with Madrid


The trade show, InPeru, began on Monday the 1st of September, and already positive feedback has been reported from the event´s current location, Madrid. According to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez, the objective of the overseas event is to promote investment in Peru, mainly in the health, education and infrastructure sectors. The nonprofit government-supported mission toured the U.S. back in February of 2013 with great success and hopes it can do the same this year.

A Peruvian delegation, comprised of fifty-five businessmen and authorities, has traveled to Europe for the 2014 Road Show, which will continue on to Switzerland and London. Headed by Minister of Production, Piero Ghezzi, the delegates have already visited the Madrid Stock Exchange and engaged in one on one meetings with Spanish investors.

Other notable representatives attending the event include InPerú president, José Antonio Blanco, who is joined by President of the Central Reserve Bank, Julio Velarde, and the owner of the Lima Stock Exchange, Christian Laub.

In a press release sent from the Spanish capital, Magali Silva observed that the balance is very positive…many Spanish companies were really interested in our country” as an investment opportunity. Reportedly, with the support of The Commercial Office of Peru in Spain (OCEX), a seminar entitled ´Investing in Peru´ was attended by more than 300 Spanish investors and companies.

InPeru wrapped up the Mardid portion of the event and has moved on to Zurich, Switzerland.
The trade mission will continue to travel around Europe to promote Peru.