Instagram Influencers Highlight Travel In Peru

Lovers on Machu Picchu (Photo: Editor of Traveling & Living in Peru)

Notimérica decided to analyze what travel influencers are posting about Peru and this is what they found out.

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) has had six Instagram influencers visit the country to help promote it through their social media. Two of them are the Brazilian bloggers Thaynara Gomes and Evelyn Regly, whose Instagram accounts have more than 6 million followers.

They, along with the Brazilian magazine Caras Brasil, highlighted cities like Lima, Arequipa, Puno and Cuzco, in particular, their cosmopolitan lifestyle and culture.

“A week later, Argentina’s Valentina Salezzi and Cecilia Saia toured the Peruvian capital, capturing in their mobile phones a wide gastronomic offer for those who decide to spend more than two nights in Lima. Their publications reached more than 1 million people”, Notimérica revealed.

Finally, the Mexican Alan Estrada, creator of the blog and YouTube channel, Alan x el mundo, spent 15 days touring Lima, Madre de Dios (Tambopata) and Cusco (Ausangate- Vinincunca).

“Nowadays, more and more brands are betting on ‘influencers’ to advertise themselves”, Notimérica said. “They are the new ambassadors of marketing”, they added, and Promperú is taking advantage of this method too.

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