Intense Rain in Madre de Dios (VIDEO)


Although rains are more common from December to March, there was very intense rain these two last days.

A few months ago, there was some intense rain in Lima.

From 1:00am today, the region of Madre de Dios endured an “extreme rain”, that lasted for more than nine hours and flooded several streets. It’s been reported this rain affected Madre de Dios in places such as Tahuamanu, Manu, Tambopata and also Sandia and Carabaya in Puno.

In the following video, you can see the intensity of the rain:

A specialist said that the rain will persist throughout the day before moving from the area of Madre de Dios, to the central area of Peru. Its progress is not expected to stop and is likely to affect the Cusco jungle.

This is considered an extreme rain and will continue to increase. Although the rainy season began in September, its impact will be greater in the summer months.

Also last month, the water levels of the Amazonian rivers increased due to rainfall affecting the people in that region.

Do you think the rain will reach Lima?

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