Internal tourism moves more than US$7.5 billion in Peru annually


Internal tourism in Peru moves more than US$7.5 billion per year, Gestion reports.

According to the business daily, domestic tourism is growing and changing along with the rest of the Peruvian economy. However, Peru doesn’t have strong virtual platforms where potential travelers can easily find information about services and destinations.

Diego Arbulu, director of travel website, told Gestion that “Internal tourism is an industry that has been evolving over time, but lacks the digital tools to support its growth. We sé that 77% of travelers look for information online.”

The web developer and businessman added that “In Peru, we see that people between the ages of 18 and 35 are most likely to look for information online, but we’re also seeing growth in the 35 and above segment, who are also interested in searching for tourism information on the internet.” works with more than 300 tour operators to bring together information about travel opportunities and packages in Peru.

“We’ve categorized more than 10,000 tourist attractions, 4,000 geolocated places on Google Maps, and that’s generating more than 140,000 monthly visits to the site,” Arbulu explained. Industry experts say that Peru needs a better virtual infrastructure for tourism.



Rachel Chase

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