International Fund will Contribute to Settle Historical Debt with Native Communities

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The Trust Fund on Land Tenure and Forests will contribute to promoting the collective rights of native communities over land.

The project implemented by the SPDA in Peru allowed naming three native communities as owners. This work will continue on a larger scale in the next two years.

The lack of legal certainty of the native communities in Peru is a historical debt that must be covered. Uncertainty regarding the land tenure of these communities generates a series of social conflicts and constant threats, caused by activities such as illegal mining and logging, among others.

The Interethnic Association for Peruvian Forest Development (Aidesep) points out that there are over 20 million hectares in the Amazon that are pending titling in favor of indigenous peoples. In addition, obtaining a sanctioned title can take about ten years and involves a high economic cost that is difficult to be assumed by many communities.

The challenge is very big.

For this reason, the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA), in coordination with the Native Federation of Madre de Dios, its Affluents (Fenamad) and the Regional Government of Madre de Dios, implemented, since 2016, a project together with seven indigenous communities, representing 112,800 hectares, and the titling of three communities was achieved.

In addition, it contributed to the resolution of conflicts and the strengthening of Fenamad as an indigenous organization. This project was presented as a success story at the conference: “Earth rights: a prerequisite for combating climate change and advancing peace and gender equality”, held in Stockholm on Tuesday 3 October.

Do you think this project is a good idea to help indigenous communities?

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