Interview: Meet the real Larry Pitman

0 There I have a collection of my columns. It also provides some practical information for people who have to live and work in another culture, some of the things you can do to make your experience easier, better.

My most important project is a book that I’m going to publish next year. It’s called Dogs of Barranco. It’s a collection of 60 columns related to my experiences here. Seven years of walking in the neighborhood with my dogs, things like that. People who like dogs may be interested in this. And that would be published on my website, too.

Tell me about your Soundcloud experience.
I’ve done some work on the radio some time ago in the U.S., and people said my voice was pleasant to them. So when I heard about a free resource named Soundcloud (, I decided to give it a chance and do some recordings: the articles I have written for Living in Peru.I enjoy doing this kind of things. I got a good reaction from Soundcloud. Some people, like Peruvians living in the United States, enjoy listening to stories from Peru. And it could help other people, too. I have an aunt, she’s blind. She depends on listening. People like my aunt don’t have the chance to read the book. They can enjoy listening to stories. When I publish my book, Dogs of Barranco, I’ll be doing an audiobook, too. I will do it with some music. I like Peruvian waltzes. So, that’ll be next year.

Victoria Lugovskaya sits down and picks the brain of Peru this Week’s longest-running columnist.