Is hosting the Olympics in Peru’s future?


Peru has seen its share of international sporting competitions in the last few years. Just a small sampling of the most recent events includes the South American Volleyball Championship in Ica, the World Longboarding Championships in Huanchaco, the South and Latin American BMX championships in Lima, and the 2013 Bolivarian Games that are set to take place in Trujillo in less than a month. Now, Lima has been chosen to host the 2019 Pan American games, which has been hailed as an important step forward for Peruvian sporting history. But what’s next?

According to Peruvian sportsman and International Olympic Committee member Ivan Dibos, it could be the Olympics.

Andina news agency reports that Dibos believes that Peru should take advantage of its stint as host of the Pan American Games to learn about what it means to be a successful international sports host: “[With the Olympics], there’s no reason to limit ourselves. We’re going to aspire to something bigger. We still have six years until the Pan American Games, and we’re going to have to work at it. We’ve won round zero, we still have the first round, the second round, the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth.”

“Lima and Peru are going to win with [the Pan American Games], which is really the most important after two events that I consider very important, the Olympics and the World Cup, and then the Pan American Games,” he told Andina. “People realized that has tangible things to offer, with the quantity of events that have taken place in Peru and in Lima, the security that’s been present, the stadiums that have been constructed.”

Dibos is optimistic about Lima’s future as a sporting city. “There are possibilities for the future, if Lima does a good job– and the government should really give its all for this– then we can aspire to greater things,” Andina recorded Dibos as saying.

In 2016, Rio de Janeiro will become the first South American host for the Olympics.Now that Lima is looking forward to hosting the Pan American Games in 2019, some are asking if it’s time to consider an Olympics bid.