Iván Sikic: The global perspective of an international Peruvian artist


There is no doubt that if you go to the website of Peruvian conceptual artist Iván Sikic, you will read the following description in his bio of what type of artist he is:

_Iván Sikic is a conceptual & performance artist who explores social structures, multiculturalism, the passing of time, audience immersion and technology. Sikic’s practice moves between durational performance, site specific projects, installation and object creation. For the most part, his works are a direct response to current themes & events that are present in news media outlets, social media and on the streets._

This young artist, native to Peru, is steadily garnering the limelight in the global art world. His body of works have depth and breadth, not only in Peru but internationally.

_The Gold Series; Burrinja Chapter, 2014 (Photo courtesy of artist)_

His culture is Peruvian; his perspective is global. His works are highly conceptual, metaphorical to question and draw attention to the injustices of daily life, whether here in Peru or other parts of the world.

His approach is to evoke and even provoke us, the viewer, to think about the present moment by having the viewer respond to the space and context of the work. The work is big, the performances are riveting, the process grabs your attention and makes you think.

The world of the conceptual artist is never static, it weaves a story and hits you like a bulldozer. It speaks to social and cultural conflicts, injustices, the story of life.

_It’s My Party and I Do What I Want To!, 2015 (Photo courtesy of artist)_

Sometimes the rawness lends itself to backlash, a risk that every artist faces. If nerves are touched, then controversy ensues. There have been viral repercussions, as well as coverage by such publications as: The Huffington Post, VICE, El Comercio, El Mundo, ArtNet News and many others. Headlines such as _Income Inequality Visualized by One Gold Brick and 99 Balloons_, or _Iván Sikic visualizes Widening Income Gap with a Controversial Instillation_ were covered world-wide.

p=. HAWAPI 2015: In The Huepetuhe Jungle With A Bunch of Artists

That did not stop the artist from moving ahead with new and even more controversial installations. Whether in Australia, Peru or the U.S., there is no doubt that Mr. Sikic will continue his path and have a strong voice in the global art world.

In speaking to Mr. Sikic, he indicated that he is glad that Peruvian conceptual artists are starting to make an impact globally.

The world of art is always evolving and successful artist evolve with the conditions of the world. The future is bright for this young and gifted artist. We hope to see his works again in his native Peru after his worldwide tour.

View more of Ivan Sikic’s work on his website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram

_Helena Maria von Schuler was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her parents immigrated from Colombia, South America and Hamburg, Germany. An experienced employee benefits consultant, in the insurance industry, Helena holds a BS form University of California, Los Angeles in Biochemistry and a minor in English. She has lived in Los Angeles, New York and Miami and recently moved to Lima, Peru to experience her South American heritage and culture._Controversial installations have taken the artist from Peru, Australia, the U.S., and beyond.