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Curious about life in Lima from the perspective of an expat? Search no more…

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Still on the exercise thought…

John (my husband) and I rented a second bike this past Sunday and went for a spin. One of the streets near Parque Kennedy is closed Sunday mornings to traffic, probably for about 3 or 4 miles in each direction; bike rentals along the route, places for kids to learn to rollerblade (rollerblading is seriously popular here), saw a group practicing some local dancing, and the best is a fellow who teaches a group how to salsa dance. There were still rules of the road, even when there is no traffic. The bikes have to be in the left lane, and all the rest of the modes of transportation is in the right lane. There were even “bike” patrol kids enforcing the rule! But of course, it’s randomly enforced. Lots of pedestrians randomly crossing the streets (without even looking) a bit of “white woman yelling like an idiot” was involved! All in all very fun and a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

We went into town to check out one of the museos and to walk around the area (Parque de Exposition). Several museums that I will for sure be coming back to check out (especially since I’m now conversant with the bus!)

That day there was an Urban Hip Hop fair going on; a few booths, music, T-shirt sales, and the best part was somebody from Chicago teaching a huge group of kids how to do a dance (he would speak in English and somebody on stage would translate for him.) Lots of fun to watch, and a few selfies with local celebrities from the States (not that I recognized anyone!)


I think the most surprising part of this whole trip into town was to see 2 different motorcycle traffic cops giving out tickets to 2 different cars. As in, what were the cars possibly doing that the police would hand out tickets?! Honking their horns excessively? Following too close to another car? Turning left from the right-hand lane? Moving from lane to lane in a very random matter and with no turn signals? All things we see on a very daily basis and nobody bats an eye. Maybe they were from another country and were holding up traffic as they were minding the traffic laws, and going the speed limit? Not that one can go very fast here and there are way too many cars/people!

Out to a lovely dinner this past weekend with friends (I know friends! One of John’s co-worker’s wife was in town, we met with them twice. So much fun!!) Huaca Pucllana is the name of the restaurant and Huaca Pucllana, the place (a huge adobe and clay pyramid).

The restaurant overlooks the pyramid, and at night it’s all lit up, we sat on the patio with Pisco Sours (and under patio heaters – it’s winter here after all!) and generally had a fabulous meal/time. If you want to come visit us I can promise you some very fabulous meals.

Foodie Trek to Peru is just one of the many reasons to come here.



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