Jail time for Peru 2 could be shorter than expected


Under a new law designed to clear Peru´s already crowded jails of foreign inmates, Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid could serve less time in jail than previously thought. And it´s not because Reid penned her sorrows and regret.

According to the head of Peru´s prison service, José Luis Pérez Guadalupe, the two women “are not the big fishes…[they]are not in a criminal organization”. Limited space in Peru´s prisons means that some room needs to be made for serious convicts. An early release therefore could be granted under an “expulsion law” once the prisoners have served at least a third of their sentences, Pérez Guadalupe explained to UK news agency, The Mail.

Meanwhile, Connolly and Reid have both expressed their desire to be transferred to prisons in their respective homelands of Northern Ireland and Sotland.

The two female inmates were thrown in jail August 2013 for attempting to smuggle cocaine out of Peru. They were sentenced to six years and eight months, and became collectively known as ¨Peru Two¨.
The female drug mules might be released as early as November 2015.