Job Creation Expected to Grow 12% in First Quarter of 2018


According to ManpowerGroup quarterly study, employability in Peru will increase by 12%.

Analyses of small, medium and large companies in eight regions of the country, gave optimistic results compared to the last quarter of this year which was the lowest in 11 years.

Of the nine sectors analyzed, those with an upward trend in hiring are those of public administration and education; banking, finance, insurance and real estate; agriculture and fisheries; and finally mining. Among the lowest are transport and public services; trade; and finally manufacturing.

Regarding the regions analyzed, the highest labor force growth is Ucayali with 21%, Arequipa (+ 14%) and Lima (+ 12%). While the regions with the lowest growth are La Libertad and Piura. The only region with a negative index is Cusco (-1%).

The situation of expectation of employability for the first quarter of the following year is optimistic, said the general director of Manpower Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay, Marco Nicoli.

The medium-sized business sector is expected to hire the most, reaching an 18% increase in net hiring expectations. However, small industries and bigger companies are also expected to hire many workers during the first quarter of 2018.

The survey also mentions the qualification to the World Cup Russia 2018 and the corruption linked to Odebrecht are factors that altered the expectations of subsequent hiring.

Do you think Peru will become one of the places with more immigrants due to the increase of Jobs?

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