Joe Jonas Wore Peru’s Jersey During the Concert


The artist arrived Yesterday in Lima with his fiancee Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark in the worldwide known series Game of Thrones.

Only two weeks after making public their decision to get married, Joe Jonas, a former member of the band Jonas Brothers and who is now the lead singer of DNCE arrived in Peru to open for the concert of Bruno Mars.

Joe Jonas seemed very happy with the reception of Peruvian fans upon his arrival in Lima and he made it known during Bruno Mars’ concert, which took place last night at the National Stadium. Showing how happy he was with Peruvian fans, Joe wore the Peruvian jersey during the performance and more than one fan unleashed his euphoria to see his favorite artist wearing the jersey.

It is worth noting that Peruvian fans are still impressively excited about qualifying for the World Cup 2018. Here you can repeat some of the excitement of passionate fans which were able to set off an earthquake alarm in Lima.

Next year is also quite important for the music scene, here you can read more about Radiohead playing for the first time in Lima; the British band will finally play in Peru after so many years of being requested by their fans.

Do you think this was a cool gesture?

(Cover Photo from Peru21)

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