An exclusive interview with John Price is key feature of Mining & Investment special report 2016


John Price, the Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence, is widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on Latin American business trends. He has advised more than 30 of the Global 100 companies on their business strategies and market intelligence needs in Latin America, and has published more than 100 articles pertaining to his area of expertise. His market consultancy skills are in wide demand and his views are afforded great respect in a variety of sectors.

The interactive Mining & Investment Special Report will provide a detailed insight into the key trends and themes prevalent in the Latin America mining sector, along with opinions and comments from mining companies and investors. Within its pages, John Price offers his perspective on the changing political and social environment in Latin America, and the impact this is having on the mining sector.

The veteran market consultant will also be sharing with attendees the knowledge and experience he has gleaned over the course of his distinguished career in a speech scheduled for the first day of the summit. This will offer a macroeconomic and political overview of Latin America.

Regarding this region’s political attitudes towards the mining industry he says, “The new approach to mining… is one of embracing investors. Governments across LAC are anxious to attract investment, generate tax revenue, create jobs and strengthen their currency. For many of them, the fastest way to do so is to attract more investment in mining and energy.”

The Mining & Investment Latin America Summit 2016 takes place at the Westin Hotel and Convention Centre, Lima, Peru on October 24th and 25th. This annual event, hosted by GFC Media Group, brings together mining companies and investors for mutual benefit. The Mining & Investment Special Report will certainly provide a preview of the benefits that attendees can expect.

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At GFC Media Group our aim is to improve connectivity between companies looking to raise capital and investors seeking to deploy it.

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A thought-provoking interview with John Price forms the centrepiece of the Mining & Investment Special Report, a document being produced for distribution to the attendees at the Mining & Investment Latin America Summit 2016.