Peru’s Farming Sector Grows, Livestock Contracts

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Despite El Niño floods, Peru’s farming sector has weathered the storm.  Livestock has not fared so well.

El Niño floods hit Peru’s people and economy hard in the 1st part of 2017.  Floods affected over 1 million people throughout the country and dashed the government’s hopes of high growth throughout the year.

Despite this setback, Peru’s agricultural sector has recovered and then some.  The National Statistics Office of Peru reports that farming rose 6.40% in June while production augmented by 10.22% compared to the same period last year.

Andina reports that hard yellow corn led the growth with a 30.04% increase.  This was followed by coffee (13.6%), potatoes (10.7%), and paddy rice (10%).

The livestock sector was more affected by the floods than farming, contracting by 1.79%.

Success in the farming sector will be key to achieving the newly projected 4% growth by the end of 2017.


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Mike Dreckschmidt

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