Keiko Fujimori urges Humala to reflect on pardon for her father


 On Wednesday Keiko Fujimori urged President Ollanta Humala to reflect on the possibility of granting a humanitarian pardon for her father, Alberto Fujimori.

"I hope that this Easter is one of reflection and that it serves President Humala to have the serenity to evaluate the case," Fujimori said according to El Comercio.

Fujimori’s comments come days after local media published excerpts from a medical board report that reviewed the former president’s health.

>According to the report, quoted in Peru21, the medical board found that the former president has >“no current signs” of cancer.

Keiko said her father had gone through 5 bouts with cancer, and said, “The fact that the cancer sells had been removed, does not mean the cancer will not come back.”

"Normally, to say that cancer has been cured, 10 years must pass, which is not my father’s case,” Fujimori said.

“[The medical report] confirms the claims that we have submitted about the humanitarian pardon request. It confirms that my father has several diseases, the main ones being cancer, depression, and hypertension.”

Keiko, a former presidential candidate, claimed that her father’s political opposition is waiting until Fujimori is in a terminal state, before granting him a pardon.

"In recent years there have been pardons to people who were very ill, who died the same day they received the pardon, and others who have had a vaginal infection,” she said

“My father qualifies, my father is not any prisoner, he is a former president.”

“My father qualifies, my father is not any prisoner, he is a former president,” Keiko Fujimori said.