KPMG: “Peru Is About to Lose its Best Indicator of Economic Stability”


A change in the government’s leadership should generate confidence for investors.

Oscar Caipo, KPMG’s main partner, analyzes the economic environment of Peru, based on the latest results on the Growth Promise Indicator, developed by KPMG, known as GPI, and determined that the country has dropped three positions in the region.

Gestión informed today that Peru has been surpassed by Brazil and Argentina.

“This rating is the result of the weighting of five items: macroeconomic stability, which is one of the highest in the ranking for Peru, in addition to human development, institutional quality, openness and quality of infrastructure.”, said Gestión.

This situation is taking place in the midst of a political crisis in Peru. “What we have is a problem of trust and that is what brings private investment, which represents 80% of the total investment,” Caipo said.

Undoubtedly, KMG’s partner says, the lowest results for Peru are the indicators of human development, in which the education and the institutional issues prevail.

“A change in the government’s leadership (…) should generate greater confidence for investors.”, Caipo believes, adding that to generate more confidence “we must be aware of our true situation (…) and work with the lowest aspects, such as institutionalism and education”.

Peru had been growing above the world average and in 2017 it has fallen below that average, after 20 years, said the main partner of KPMG in the country to Gestión.

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