Land Of The Inca: Video Of The Week


Need some Friday inspiration or want to torture the inner wanderlust soul in you? Check out today’s video of the week, featuring Peru’s three amazing regions, the coast, mountains, and jungle!

Self- taught wanderlust traveler, photographer, and videographer Xabier Merino has visited over 25 countries and has captured countless breath-taking images and footage of some of the most spectacular places on earth.

A part of a global family that tries to reunite in new countries for their get-togethers, Peru was Xabier’s family’s latest destination. Xabier says “I was blown away by its natural and cultural beauty. We visited the country’s three natural regions: coastal desert, mountain range, and tropical rainforest.”

For the coastal desert portion of the trip, the family visited Paracas, the Ballestas Islands, and Nazca.  They then increased their elevation and headed to Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. To wrap up the trip they headed into the jungle and explored Iquitos and the Amazon area.

Xabier was most inspired by the Peruvian Amazon.

He states: “it showed us what an actual tropical rainforest is. I was particularly amazed by this area as it was full of nature, wildlife, a few indigenous tribes and showed that there are still places that the modern civilization hasn’t conquered.”

All in all, the places they visited showed them how varied the country is and how much it has to offer. In turn, it also pushed Xabier to share all this beauty to the internet by creating the video “The Land of the Inca” a video that shows what Peru is all about.

Check out his latest video “Land of The Inca / Peru”:



Xabier Merino is a 20-year-old Spanish business and management student at Lancaster University in England. Born and raised in Bilbao, Spain he has also spent a lot of time living in Mexico. He has always been extremely interested in photography and videography and as time has gone by he has only continued to develop the interests by self-teaching himself.