Landslides flood Chosica in the central highlands


Heavy central highland rains flooded streams yesterday, causing landslides in Chosica.

Heavy rains and landslides in Chosica have left many homeless after about 40 homes were affected by the damages, according to El Comercio

The landslides that hit yesterday were caused by over flooding of five streams in the region. The Municipality of Chosica reports that Quirio, Yanacoto, Rosario, Santo Domingo and San Antonio were inundated with surging flows of water on Monday that left 40 homes damaged.

The local Municipality and Civil Defense personnel of the Municipality of Lima were dispatched to deliver tents, mattresses, and other emergency supplies to the affected citizens. Mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda, and his counterpart from Chosica, Luis Bueno, delivered the aid in the county’s coliseum where other emergency goods and equipment are being brought.

The Municipality of Chosica reported that other streams as well were inundated with the overflow of rains: California, Huampaní and Girasoles streams in Chaclacayo. Other damages include the Secondary Presidential Mayor of the Republic School which was maintained structurally, however, flooding left the building dirty and unusable for the time being.

Chosica has begun intensive clean up work on the Central Highway to remove a heavy layer of mud and Civil Defense authorities continue evaluating damage done. Three years ago Chosica landslides left major damage and fatalities.