Larcomar to reopen before Christmas


The mayor of Miraflores, Jorge Muñoz, announced over the weekend that Larcomar would reopen before Christmas, if it complied with the requirements set by experts from Civil Defense. The expected report from these experts has already been submitted by the mall’s ownership and, according to reports, most shops will be reopened today, December 19.

The Municipality of Miraflores confirmed the delivery of the report but did not give further details of the reopening of the mall, which has been closed since the fire on November 16. It will be in the following days, read a statement from the institution.

But not all stores in the mall will be opened on the same day. According to sources, 90% of stores will be operational next week. These have already been certified by Civil Defense after the fire, which began in UVK theaters and caused the deaths of four workers. Businesses that will not open are the ones located in areas closest to where the fire originated.

For store owners and nearby businesses, the holiday campaign is lost. According to their estimates, in the remainder of December they could record about US$ 10 million in sales, which is equivalent to just one third of what they had projected for this time of the year.
According to sources, the stores that have been certified by Civil Defense will reopen to the public this week.



Alvaro Tassano