Largest art festival in Lima’s history kicks off


Lima has been making a push in recent months to earn a spot as an international art capital. Lima Fashion Week is a perfect example of the efforts being made to stake a claim in the world of fine art. The next leap comes in the form of a four day festival that kicked off today.

Art Lima 2013 is the first international arts fair in the city. It hopes to put forward a unique offering that will allow spectators to broaden their outlook and perception of the arts. Bringing together a blend of national and international artists from more than 16 countries, the event will unite plastic and visual artists, collectors, curators, critics, journalists from around the world, and the general public in a format that has never before been seen in this city.

The art festival launches today and will continue until April 28 at the Escuala Superior de Guerra del Ejercito del Peru (ESGE), which is located in Chorrillos district. More than 70 Peruvian artists will display their works alongside 300 foreign artists at the ESGE campus.

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