Las malas intenciones to represent Peru at the Oscars


Las malas intenciones will represent Peru as the country’s submission for the Best Foreign Film award at the 2013 Oscars.

The Ministry of Culture gave the nod to Rosario Garcia-Montero’s film this week. According to El Comercio, the other film in contention for the designation was Joel Calero’s Cielo oscuro.

Las malas intenciones is a coming-of-age story about an eight-year-old girl growing up in an affluent home amid the spiraling violence of the early 1980s. It won the award for the top Latin American film at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, was designated the best Peruvian film of 2011 by the Association of Peruvian Film Press, and won a special jury prize at the Gramado Film Festival.

Garcia-Montero won the award for best director at the Punta del Este Film Festival, and star Fatima Buntnix won an award as the “revelatory actress” at the UNASUR Film Festival.

Each country is allowed to submit just one foreign language film for consideration at the Oscars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will select the nominees, and then the winning film will be announced at the Oscars in 2013. The only Peruvian film to be nominated for the award was Claudia Llosa’s La teta asustada in 2009. The only South American films to have ever won the award come from Argentina: La historia oficial in 1985 and El secreto de sus ojos in 2009.

The film is Peru’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film award.