Last class: The new ‘economic’ seats on airplanes (YOUTUBE)


Want to hop on one of those direct flights to Washington, D.C. in April but don’t think you have enough for a ticket?

You might be able to afford ‘basic economy’, or last class as some call the new category of seating on airlines.

Now major airlines such as Delta, United and American have the new class, or will begin it this year.

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What does this class entail?

Possibly the most inconvenient detail is that you are unable to reserve a seat when booking a flight, making it nearly impossible to sit with friends or family.

Additionally, you are not given the ability to upgrade seats, change or cancel reservations more than 24 hours after booking.

From the airlines’ perspective, last class is an effort to compete with the profitability of no-frills competitors such as Spirit and Frontier. Airlines can cut costs by limiting the things to which passengers are entitled,’ according to the Economist media_type

_YouTube: Simply Money: Delta’s new ‘Basic Economy’ ticket_Major airlines are beginning to offer ‘basic economy’, a class below standard.



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