Let lager be your motivation to log in the hours!


Ever count down the hours until the end of your work day?

How about counting them in terms of beer

A beer index, presented by global news source Quartz, charts how many hours of minimum wage it takes to buy a beer around the world. By “dividing the average price a local has to pay to get a beer by the hourly minimum wage (assuming a 40-hour work week)” earned in each country, a pretty interesting chart was compiled.

Based on the minimum wage of 2011, Peruvians need only work one hour and twelve minutes to earn themselves a cold one (which the study defines as .5 liters). With just over two hours of work, you can invite a friend and perform that ´weird´ Peruvian drinking custom you know.

Before you celebrate though, you may want to pour one out for Georgian citizens who, according to the data, have to put in more than half a day´s work before they can afford a beer.

On the opposite end of the spectrum sits Puerto Rico, a country where minimum wage earners have to work a mere twelve minutes to pay for a brew! Check out how other countries compare here

As Oktoberfest nears, stop counting down to the final hour in minutes, think in ounces!Global minimum wages are compared in an interesting report.