Life Expectancy In Peru Could Reach 82.6 Years In 2040


On Tuesday, the scientific journal The Lancet published a new study that indicates that the population of Peru will increase its average life expectancy to 82.6 years in 2040, according to El Comercio.

This study, conducted by the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessment (IHME) of the University of Washington (Seattle, USA), measures the life expectancy and the main causes of death of people living in Peru and in another 194 countries.

“Peru, which in 2016 had an average life expectancy of 79.7 years, ranked 34th. Although the study projects that life expectancy in the country would increase by approximately 3 years, other countries will achieve progress more significant, which will make Peru drop down to the 35th position in 2040”, El Comercio said.

However, Peru is expected to be above many other countries in the region. In Chile, life expectancy is 82 years, in Colombia, it is of 81 years, in Argentina the average is 78.8 years, and in Brazil it is 78.5 years. Worldwide, Spain leads this ranking with an average of 85.8 years.

The study also analyzes alternative health scenarios, as well as whether countries perform work to address obesity and the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. In the best of cases, the life expectancy in Peru could increase up to 5.2 years, while in the worst health scenario it would only increase in 0.5 years.

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